New health portal helps small businesses

LAS VEGAS -- The November 30th deadline concerning the Affordable Care Act for small businesses is getting closer and closer, and some entrepreneurs said they still have more questions about key changes that could affect their businesses.

Many changes are based on the size of the employers business, but the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce hosted a free workshop Thursday and created its own marketplace , or exchange to help businesses navigate through the changes. For example, in 2015 employers with more than 50 full time employees must purchase health insurance for workers.

Dr. Rick Hallgren's business has survived the test of time. His practice, Decatur and Craig Chiropractic has called Las Vegas home for 21 years, but now premiums are up -- co-pays are down and fear over the changes is setting in for Dr. Hallgren.

"How much is this going cost, what are going to be my benefits, am I going to have access to whatever doctor I want to go to," said Dr. Rick Hallgren, Decatur & Craig Chiropractic.

That kind of worry is exactly what the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce is trying to ease with its Chamber Health Options portal. On that website members can shop for plans and bundle life, vision and dental insurance. Members can also see if they're eligible for subsidies.

"Everything has changed, nothing is like it was last year or the year before," said William Wright, Chamber Insurance & Benefits President.