Your Health, Your Choice


Nevada business owners and their employees are facing some difficult decisions in regards to their health insurance. Should they continue to shop for a group plan, or should they convert to an individual plan strategies for themselves and their employees?

Traditional small group health policies of the past offered guaranteed issue and rates for employers with as few as two employees. These policies were typically medically underwritten and rated partially in direct relation to the medical history of the group’s employees. Even though some employees had pre- existing conditions, small group employers could not be refused coverage for any reason.

For more than 29 years, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce has provided excellent health insurance benefits for small group employers (2-50 employees). That tradition will not change. In fact, Chamber Insurance & Benefits is pleased to announce Chamber Health Options, bringing more choices to Chamber members through a highly efficient, private marketplace model. What does that mean for you and your employees?

  • Choice of market-leading insurance carriers
  • Choice of plans – something to fit everyone’s individual needs
  • An easy, online experience, available at a time that is convenient for you. Just talk with your agent or visit to begin.
  • Answers when you need them through our friendly help center

The mandate for all Americans to purchase health insurance as prescribed in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) took effect on January 1, 2014; everyone now has access to purchase health insurance coverage for him or herself. No longer are there hindrances due to pre-existing conditions. This change in the health insurance landscape has caused some smaller employers (2-50 full-time employees) to reconsider whether there could be advantages to discontinuing their small group policy and replacing it with individual policies for their employees. Below are just a few reasons why a small employer might find it advantageous to move employees to individual coverage:

  • More options available – Small group coverage limits all employees to participation in the very same plan(s). With individual coverage, employees can select among several plans to find option best suited to their needs and budget.
  • Less expensive – In many cases, individual insurance costs less than small group coverage, especially in cases where medical history has been a factor in the past.
  • Subsidy assistance – Depending upon the income of each employee, many may qualify for a government subsidy to assist them in paying for their premium. If employees are offered a small group policy through their employer, they are not eligible to apply for a subsidy, even if they waive off from their employer’s group plan.
  • Portability – If an employee leaves, their health insurance policy stays in place. No longer are they affected by disrupted medical coverage and additional waiting periods due to change in employment.

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